Quick Clips: Finishing Steps

Finishing Techniques

Techniques on this page:

Grafting –

Basic Kitchener stitch

Kitchener stitch in pattern

Mobius grafting from waste yarn


Picking up stitches –

along a selvedge edge

in the middle of your work, 3 ways


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Basic Kitchener –

When you first learn about grafting stitches we think it is going to be hard. But like most things in the knitting world, there is pattern and rhythm and ultimately the motions are not difficult. This brief tutorial will show you how to graft stockinette together and find the simple pattern and rhythm to this essential knitting technique.

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Kitchener in Pattern –

Did you know, the Kitchener stitch isn’t just for stockinette? We’ll show you how to complete this grafting stitch for knits AND purls, so you can graft on ribbing and textured stitches in any pattern!

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Mobius Grafting from Waste Yarn –

If you’re working a Mobius pattern, here’s a way to begin with waste yarn and then seamlessly join your finished piece. Learning this technique means you can knit a piece flat and then convert it to Mobius in the finishing.

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Picking up along a selvedge edge –

This technique is great if you need to pick up stitches for a sock gusset or for the ribbed band around a cardigan.

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Picking up in the middle of the fabric, 3 ways –

If you need to pick up stitches in the middle of a piece of knitting, we’ll show you three options! This is the type of technique you’ll need to have in your toolbox if you want to add pockets to a sweater or ruffles to a garment or accessory, among other things.

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