Next Level Knit-Along

Here at EduKnit, we’re all about helping you take your knitting to the next level. That’s why we work hard to put out great content, from video tutorials to insider tricks & techniques to a line of patterns. This year, we’re taking that a step further with the Next Level Knit-Along (KAL).

EduKnit Level Up

If you’ve been wanting to improve your knitting skills, but that feels like too big of a goal and you’re not sure where to begin, this KAL is for you! Whether you’ve only been knitting for a short time or you’ve been doing it for years, there’s something new to learn with every pattern in this KAL series.

How does it work?

Each month of 2015 we will release at least one new pattern to the Two Sides, Two Points Ravelry shop (sometimes there will be more than one).

The patterns we create will line up with the monthly themes & topics at EduKnit; so if you’ve been following along with our content each week, the skills you’re learning from the EduKnit posts will be directly useful to you in knitting the patterns.

We’ll knit along together, posting our progress on Ravelry and via social media using the hashtag, #NextLevelKAL.

If you’re an EduKnit member, you’ll get one free pattern each month as a part of your membership, so you can join in the knit-along for free!

Who can join?

The knit-along is open to anyone! If you’re an EduKnit member, you’ll get your knit-along patterns for FREE as part of your monthly membership. If you’re not an EduKnit member, you can purchase the patterns at any time from the Two Sides, Two Points Ravelry shop.

Why knit along?

This Knit-Along provides you with an awesome opportunity to build your knitting skills within the context of a single pattern that’s relatively quick to make. Plus, the experts here at EduKnit will be knitting along, and we stand at the ready to answer any questions you have on Ravelry or social media. The patterns in the KAL are perfect to knit something nice for yourself, or to build up your basket of gift-able knits before the next holiday season.

Plus, as an added bonus, our assistant Jess will be awarding random prizes throughout the year to anyone who posts a photo of their finished objects in the Next Level KAL prize thread on Ravelry. If you’re not a Ravelry member, you can e-mail your photo to Jess –


What’s the schedule?

We like to keep things loose at EduKnit and let you learn at your own pace, so you can join the KAL at any time and finish your projects at any time. Just keep tagging your progress photos with #NextLevelKAL and you’ll be entered to win the prizes.

Each month we’ll follow a theme and introduce a new pattern:

  • January – Mobius: Learn the various ways to cast on and bind off for a mobius project as you knit our first pattern along with us!
  • February – Charts: Demystify the process of knitting from charts with the experts!
  • March – Stripes of All Types: We’ll cover traditional stripes, mosaic patterns, slip stitch stripes & even shadow knitting!
  • April – Cables: Get ready to twist and turn your stitches and create something beautiful!
  • May – Intarsia: This is our month to explore the world of Intarsia! This colorful knitting technique isn’t as hard as it looks, we promise!
  • June – Lace: Summer is here, and that makes us want to knit things that are lightweight and full of lace! Get the skinny on lace knitting, straight from the experts.
  • July – Knitting without Wool: We encouraged our readers to download any pattern from the shop and try knitting it with wool-free yarns for a new experience on an old favorite.
  • August – Bead Knitting: We explored all the possibilities for adding beads to your yarn before or during the knitting process, and provided two patterns for awesome accessories using beads with yarn or wire.
  • September – Use What You Know: We’re helping our members apply their knitting knowledge to a variety of situations this month, so we’ve got FOUR new patterns for them to try out!

The KAL is on NOW! If you want to find out when new patterns go live, sign up on our special #NextLevelKAL list.

List of Patterns:

January –

Mobius Waves by Gwen Bortner


A Twist of Lace by Kellie Nuss


Waves and Rocks by Gwen Bortner



February –

Two-Handed Waves by Gwen Bortner


ZigZag Rib Mitts & Cowl by Gwen Bortner


Shining Seeds of Warmth hat & wrist-warmers by Gwen Bortner



March –

Stripes and Links hat & mitts by Gwen Bortner


Study in Stripes wrap or cowl by Kellie Nuss


Skinny Stripes by Kellie Nuss


Cowboy Illusion by Kellie Nuss

Cowboy Illusion-9853


April –

Brenna’s Vision by Gwen Bortner

Brennas Vision image

Cozy with a Twist bed socks by Kellie Nuss


Ribs with a Twist scarf/cowl by Gwen Bortner


May –

Double Twist Handbag by Gwen Bortner


Fibonacci’s Pillow by Gwen Bortner


Something Lady Mary Might Wear by Kellie Nuss


June –

Zig Zag Twin Set by Gwen Bortner


Jackie’s Beanstalk Climbing Socks by Jessica Cook


July –

Our members could choose any pattern already in the shop this month! It was a great chance to catch up on the patterns they missed the first time around.

August –

Confetti Collar by Kellie Nuss


Beaded Loop by Gwen Bortner

beaded loop

September –

Cabled Rib Boot Cuffs by Gwen Bortner


Lace Tango scarf by Kellie Nuss


Dancing Triangles Scarf by Gwen Bortner


Ridge Run cowl & ear warmer set by Gwen Bortner



Knit ANY of these patterns throughout the year and tag your pictures with #NextLevelKAL on social media, and you’ll be entered to win prizes!

We’re very grateful to the following companies, who are sponsoring this knit-along by providing the yarns for the samples AND a variety of amazing prizes to our members!

BijouBasin         CEYarns    Elemental


Louet                   SkacelTSGroup-250

What is EduKnit, anyway?

EduKnit is a community of knitters, built by some of the leading experts in our industry. With an EduKnit subscription, our members receive weekly content that helps them grow their knitting skills, from informational posts to video tutorials and interviews with other experts in the field. With this KAL, our members also get a free pattern every month – at a $6 value per pattern, that’s a great deal!

If you’d like to learn more about EduKnit, click here to do just that.

If you’d like to join our community, we’d love to have you!

The cost of membership is $10/month, or you can join for a full year and get two months for free!
Are you ready to come inside?


So … are ready to Level Up your knitting? Join the KAL today! Share an image on social media so you can get some friends to join you – and don’t forget to tag it #NextLevelKAL! (Click on any image to make it larger and save it to your computer or mobile device.)

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EduKnit Level Up
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